Sports Parents “Trifecta”

This may surprise you but your kid is already in business. He or she is the CEO of their own company.

Business is difficult today when you already know you are in business. Far MORE difficult however when you are running a company and you don’t know it.

This is the trifecta!

  1. On field performance
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Off field behavior

A great High School Hockey Goalie with mediocre grades complained to me that his parents were on top of him because of his poor grades (high 70’s to low 80’s).

Having already spoken about college and ultimately the NHL I surprised him when I mentioned that the way I looked at it… his parents did not make much of a difference. What really made a difference, I pointed out, were the college coaches who would love to recruit him but were not sure he could remain academically eligible. 

Acting as a CEO he now had some BUSINESS decisions to make. He acknowledged that every decision he made was a BUSINESS decision. From his diet, to his training, to who he associated  with, to what he posted on line, to improving his grades he realized this things would decide if he would play college or professional hockey.

If this helps you, “Click! The Competitive Edge for Business, Sports and Entertainment”  answers many more questions that can arise from this information. 

Here is another strategy to help your kids:

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