Bar Exam Prep:  The Need for a Different Approach

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The results from every state’s bar examinations are different, but there are nearly always a number of examinees who fail even though they were well-prepared.  For example, every year, between approximately 20 and 40 percent of those who attempt the New York State bar examination fail to achieve the minimum weighted score of 665.  While students trained in ABA –approved in-state law schools typically have lower failure rates than other groups, for the July 2013 sitting, their failure rate was a not insignificant 12%.  Statistics from other states tell a similar story.

Bar examination failure is extremely costly.  Individuals:

  • Experience greatly increased stress as the exam date approaches.
  • Endure exponentially greater stress for second and subsequent attempts.
  • Face a delay of at least a six months before the effective start of their careers.
  • Need to postpone loan repayment in many instances.
  • May be embarrassed by their failure.
  • Confront loss of confidence, typically accompanied by diminished performance.
  • Suffer a decrease in willingness to continue in the profession.

In addition, bar exam failures:

  • Impose costs on law firms, which rely on work produced by admitted associates.
  • May reflect poorly on law school reputations.
  • Increase burdens on lenders and others who finance legal education.

The reason for this astonishing failure rate – and its attendant cost – is not lack of knowledge or preparation. A large percentage of even failing examinees enroll in a proven test preparation course, such as those offered by Kaplan or BARBRI.  Rather, the issue is the inability to recognize and effectively deal with hidden obstacles that are beyond traditional processes. 

These obstacles relate directly to the ways in which the mind operates under high stakes, stress-inducing circumstances.  PPS’s CLICK! strategy helps individuals identify and successfully address hidden obstacles to peak performance.  In conjunction with traditional bar preparation, CLICK! can substantially increase chances of success – and even improve scores – on state bar examinations.

Program Goals and Objectives

Working with PPS’s CLICK! Bar Examination Program, individuals will:

  • Learn instant stress reduction
  • Discover intense & quick focus, both for prep and for the exam itself
  • Learn to quickly identify and control distractions
  • Identify and control negative self talk
  • Find out how to prepare for competition
  • Increase retention and recall
  • Make better use of bar prep classes
  • Learn to control their Mind Game

Program Structure

CLICK! was developed to help top-level executives, entertainers and professional athletes access their peak performance zones at will when the stakes are highest.  It adapts readily to situations like the bar examination, where students must be able to access their personal best under highly stressful circumstances.  Students who enroll in CLICK! Bar Examination Program will experience the same kind of extremely personal, results-focused program that has helped dozens of leaders in international business, professional sports and media and entertainment perform at their best when it counts the most.

This includes:

  • Assessment to determine potential strengths, weaknesses, issues and opportunities.  
  • Personalized initial game plan based on the assessment.
  • Two hour strategy session to review the assessment and develop the Personal Performance Plan (via Skype or in person in Roslyn, NY).
  • 30 minute follow up to address any issues uncovered as the individual works with the designated performance strategies.
  • Option to continue with additional coaching on an as-needed, fee-for-service basis.

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