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It’s not hard to figure out what your competitors are doing when they tell the world about it; but where does that get you? To gain the advantage, you need to understand what the competition doesn’t want you–or anyone else–to know. And NO, corporate espionage is not the answer! What you need to do is truly know the competition. In the process you’ll learn to truly know yourself.

Dr. Dan Schaefer speaking at a seminar. Full video.

One of the most powerful starting places might be perceived as an ending place. Where do you want to be–and what do you want to do–five years from now? What steps must you take and what resources must you gather to get there? How will your competition try to block, counter or outdo you?

We cannot promise that the process of creating and enacting this plan will be easy. In fact, we can almost guarantee you that you and your organization will experience some unease in the initial stages (some might call this “growing pains”). What is the cost of this short term discomfort, particularly when you compare it with the long term regret you’re likely to feel if you don’t do all you can to succeed?

Get Peak Performance Strategies working on your side and you’ll never experience that long term regret. Call us when:

  • You’re having trouble closing the big deals.
  • Your senior team is not working well or consistently towards the same goals.
  • Members of your senior team need help developing specific skillsets.
  • You don’t want to make the same expensive mistakes others in your industry–or on your career path–have made.
  • You want to achieve work/life balance without sacrificing top performance.
  • When you simply need a confidential sounding board.
Dr. Dan Schaefer talking about, “$$$$ in Mistakes”

We provide coaching, training and intensive seminar leadership that can make the difference between just doing well and true excellence.

Master the board room–and your own destiny with Peak Performance Strategies.

I welcome your 15 minute complimentary call on Zoom to talk about where you want to be.

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