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Witness Preparation for EBT and Trial

More times than you might like…

More times than you might like… delivering for your clients depends on things you cannot control.  You’re an expert at constructing the case. You can anticipate every move opposing counsel is going to make.  You can engage the judge and jury with hardly any effort at all.

Your case is still vulnerable because your witnesses may not always come across the way they need to.  Sure you can coach them on what to say, how to say it and how to parry unwelcome questions.  But can you really prevent that, “OH …. NO!” moment when their discomfort can DERAIL the case?

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When you feel that a witness might not perform the way you would like, imagine for a moment that you could:

  • Enhance the perceived credibility of your witnesses.
  • Eliminate nonverbal communication that undermines what your witnesses say.
  • Imbue your witnesses with sincere, convincing body language.
  • Build powerfully convincing words and phrases into your witnesses’ testimony.
  • Manage the stress your witnesses feel – both leading up to and during the time of testimony – so that they appear relaxed, confident and in control.

When the stakes are high – for you and for your clients – the last thing you want to worry about is whether a witness is going to deliver.  The problem is, though, that the witnesses themselves are worried about it – and that worry can trip them up and weaken your case even before they testify.

Using proven Mind Game Strategies, Dr. Dan Schaefer can help you prepare witnesses for trial or a deposition so that they are absolutely bullet-proof.  Dan regularly works with attorneys in the areas of  labor/employment law, litigation and divorce.

Note to Attorneys…

You have probably already discovered that the mind’s inner workings play a huge role in your work.  

Subtly – sometimes even effortlessly – you arrange facts to support your case, question the credibility of the other side and establish your sincerity with judge and jury.  It’s practically second-nature to you.

But there are other mind games going on in the courtroom.  Mind games that can cost your clients the success they hired you to realize for them.  Mind games that can lead to that awful, “OH …. NO!” moment when a witness’ believability falls apart.

How do you prepare witnesses so that they can play their part as effortlessly as you play yours?  For over 25 years, I have been helping people prepare for top performance under the highest pressure.  I show people how to short-circuit the anxiety and inner conversations that can impact how they are perceived. 

In helping attorneys prepare to maximize their own performance, I have often been asked whether the same techniques could be used to enhance the credibility of witnesses.  Of course they can!

If you have ever been frustrated – or even thwarted – by a witness who simply failed to deliver on the stand in spite of the hours you spent in traditional preparation, you may want to find out about the CLICK! System from Peak Performance Strategies.

Dan Schaefer, PhD.

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