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Imagine from every challenge – whether it’s related to business, your performance on the field, your presence on the stage, or your academic pursuits – the results you really want.

Find out how Dr. Dan Schaefer can help you achieve a competitive edge. Get the competitive edge quickly… in business, sports, entertainment.

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Golf Update for Spring ’23

Download a PDF of my SURVEY to analyze your golf game. Have some fun discovering how your clubs and your favorite course, speak to you!


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Business executive strategies and global remote management.
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Professional Athletes of all sports.
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The Student Athlete Trifecta. On field performance, academic excellence, off-field behavior.
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The Mistakes Marketing System. There really is money in mistakes.
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Golf and the Mind Game client attraction and business development. Learn more…

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Witness Preparation for EBT and trial success.
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Test Preparation Strategies.
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Peak Performance Strategies

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The following is an excerpt from Chad Pennington’s forward to Dr. Dan’s book, CLICK! The Competitive Edge:

“In 2007 I had a lot of time to think; that’s pretty much what you get to do when you’re spending time on the bench.  It would have been very easy to hear myself echoing the comments of a lot of sports writers and saying my career was finished or that I’d lost my touch.  But that’s not what I chose to do.

When things click, you know it’s right. It’s magic. But what’s the secret to making things click when YOU want them to?

Instead, I reached out to Dr. Dan Schaefer.  I first worked with Dr. Dan in 2005 after a shoulder injury.  At that point, we used hypnosis and some other techniques to control my self-talk, restore my confidence and help me get back in the game.  But 2007 was when I really took ownership.

In order to stay in the game – and be successful in it – you have to keep it simple.  This is the biggest challenge professional athletes face. With all the variables – media attention, family responsibilities, pressure from friends and business opportunities – it’s so easy for everything to crumble.  

This core concept of who you are – Dr. Dan calls it “You, Inc.” – is important to the longevity and success of your career as an athlete, but the concept goes beyond the football field.  It goes into family life, financial life, business life. In all these areas success comes back to that core concept. If you don’t remain true to it, you can get involved in things you have no business being in.  

The techniques that Dan and I have worked on over the past six years have truly helped me keep my craft at the center.  Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to provide for my wife and three boys. There’s no manual that tells you how to be a professional athlete – or how to convert your success on the field to success off the field.  This book helps to fill that gap.”

Chad Pennington
NFL Quarterback / Two Time Comeback Player of the Year / Founder, 1st and 10 Foundation

When you hit on a realization, master a solution, or perform at your best, something just seems to click.

Video of Dr. Dan Schaefer talking about “$$$ In Mistakes” hosted on his Youtube channel.

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Working with Dr. Dan

Some of the strategic tools Dr. Dan deploys for his clients as part of an overall strategy reboot. Performed individually or in combination depending on what you want to have happen next and how fast you want it to happen.

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Dr. Dan works with people in business, sports & entertainment who are often, “alone at the top.” Dan is a confidential sounding board for CEOs, entrepreneurs and groups throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, advising them on people, culture and the psychology of the workplace. 

He has developed breakthrough strategies in sports performance for professionals: NFL, NHL Goaltenders, Major League Soccer, boxing, ultra & extreme runners, golf, tennis, skiing and amateur athletes. Consultants, sports agents, GM’s and coaches also rely on Dr. Dan to get their teams performing at their best.

Dan is also an Author of, “CLICK! The Competitive Edge”. Many of his clients find the book compliments his work with them.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“In representing both active and NHL players, and the most promising prospects, I want to provide my clients with unique strategies, to improve their personal performance, on and off the ice. Dr. Dan has been a valuable resource. His CLICK! system is a perfect fit.”

Lloyd F. Esq.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The techniques that Dan and I have worked on over the past six years have truly helped me keep my craft at the center. 

Chad Pennington
NFL Quarterback

Excerpt from Chad Pennington’s forward to Dr Dan’s book, CLICK! The Competitive Edge

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Dr. Schaefer and his approach have brought my golf game back to a level I didn’t think I was going to revisit. I can’t wait to have him work with some of my students.

Jim W.
Head Golf Pro & Former Course Record Holder at Bethpage Black

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