There’s $$$ in Mistakes…

Imagine, for a moment, that you were to take a different view of your business and what you provided to your clients or customers.

What if….when asked “so,….what do you do?”, you decide to deal with this marketing opportunity a bit differently, strategically and creatively than before? What if you decided to give yourself a competitive advantage over everyone else being asked the same question?

First…. what do YOU want to have happen after you answer this all too common question?

  • You want them to offer to buy your product or service, on the spot no questions asked. [not likely]
  • You want them to know exactly what you do and understand your service and value to them, immediately. [not likely]
  • You want them to ask for your contact information
  • You want THEM to suggest that meeting or speaking with YOU in person [ in confidence] or on the phone might make sense.
  • You definitely want them to find you …… DIFFERENT.

How can you make this happen so often that your response boarders on shock?

Consider the following:

  • You don’t want the person to just smile politely, & say “that’s nice”
  • You don’t want them to glaze over as you speak
  • You don’t want them to think “Oh, s/he’s just another… you fill in the blank.
  • You don’t want them to walk away.
  • What feelings don’t YOU want them to feel?

You want to make the best use of the 6 seconds you have to become different. Wherever you are… whether it’s a networking event, business meeting, social environment or the proverbial “elevator” you will want to be prepared.

The response that follows may FEEL uncomfortable.

Let’s try the question again…

“So…What do you do”?

You pause a bit.. and reply with a smile, “Well… I sell mistakes!”


  1. Do you have their attention?
  2. Do you sound like everyone else?
  3. Are they going to walk away?
  4. Have you broken glaze-over?
  5. Are they going to ask you about your business?
  6. Even if they THINK they know what you do, they will often ask more than once.

So, what would you put on your Top 10 list?  What mistakes did your clients make BEORE they became a client and what did it cost them in MONEY, EMOTION and REPUTATION?

Published by Dan Schaefer


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