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There’s a certain feeling that goes along with superior performance on the court or on the field — a mindset that enables the athlete to shut out everything else. Getting to that place — what we call the peak performance zone — isn’t always easy.

Visualization as a Means of Training

In fact, very often, even the best athletes faced with a high pressure situation can end up in almost the opposite position, with negative talk playing in their heads. They don’t need the other team to psych them out; they’re already doing it to themselves.

Peak Performance Strategies can show you — or your athletes — how to identify and produce the conditions to enter the zone whenever — and wherever — necessary. Master the four mind game strategies from the world of sports:

  • Control negative self talk.
  • Identify and enter your peak performance zone.
  • Prepare for competition.
  • Recover rapidly.


One hockey player we worked with described what entering the zone was like for him, “I don’t hear the crowd, the puck becomes the size of a dinner plate, and everything is in slow motion. That’s when everything is right.”


An NFL player described it this way, “Suddenly I didn’t feel the cold. The crowd noise faded away, just completely disappeared… I could see the way the play was going to unfold.”

If you’re a coach or manager, you know how your players perform when they have that feeling. If you’re an athlete, you know the feeling itself. Get the tools to create it at will now.


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If you’re a coach, manager or team owner, call us when:

  • You notice a drop-off in a particular player’s performance.
  • You feel a particular player is not living up to his or her potential.
  • A player seems distracted or unfocused, on the field or off.
  • Team members are not working together effectively or consistently.

If you’re an athlete, call us when:

  • You’re having trouble concentrating.
  • You feel you have more to give to your game, but you cannot access it.
  • You find yourself in a slump.
  • Balance has become a significant issue in your life.

Play at the top of your game with Peak Performance Strategies.

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