Subscription Service

Gaining the Competitive Edge Quickly for Business, Sports, Academics & Entertainment is now available as a monthly call to fast-track your results.

After reading this page, I welcome your 15 minute complimentary introductory call with me.

Dan Schaefer

Step 1:

One time assessment.
One hour.
One time fee of $395.

Together we will identify every area where you could possibly derail. This is NOT therapy. This is STRATEGY for business and winning at whatever you want to do! Our goal is to help you identify the direction you really want to move in and then get you moving in that direction with greater speed and clarity. We will use this assessment combined with unique goal-setting techniques and ongoing strategy sessions.

Step 2:

2025 Strategic Survey
3-hour Discovery

Dan consults with you by phone and IMMEDIATELY takes you out to 2025. This 3-hour meeting will bring clarity to your current circumstances. You pick up the pace even more so you can achieve your goals faster and with less effort.  I will take you through a series of exercises that work backwards from 2025, an extremely powerful strategy. The 2025 strategy teaches the following:

  1. Instant stress reduction
  2. Intense and Quick Focus
  3. Keys to a Competitive Edge
  4. Identify and Control Distraction
  5. Identify and Control Negative Self Talk
  6. Find Out How to Prepare for Competition
  7. Utilize Power Visualization
  8. Recover Quickly

Step 3:

Monthly 1 hour strategic call with Dan
Speed-dial text access to Dr. Dan is included

You can opt to continue monthly for ongoing street-smart coaching and strategic consulting.  This will support you and your team to stay focused on the foundations we laid and will also help you anticipate events that may distract or derail you. What happens on each monthly call? 

It always depends on the strategies and specifically what YOU need to have happen NEXT in your business. The strategies will focus on exactly how you can connect with the people you need to reach. For example, we will create 20+ profiles of the people you are in most in contact with and create strategies and psychologically designed language so you know what to say and when to say it to each of them.

When it comes to competition, in both sports and business, nobody wants to give their edge away. The very fact that you are working with me is 100% private and confidential. 

Because I am most often a secret advantage in business and sports competition, I often am unable to mention specific names of executives, athletes, and captains of industry that use me. One name I can mention is Chad Pennington (Quarterback of the NFL’s NY Jets and Miami Dolphins) who has this to say about me…

Plans for You & Your Business

For individuals, groups & businesses who want to fast-track their success, plan options are available.

  • One-hour monthly subscription with text access included free
  • Four-hour monthly subscription is available at 10% off
  • Eight-hour monthly subscription is available at 20% off

Client Testimonial

The following is an excerpt from Chad Pennington’s forward to my book, CLICK! The Competitive Edge:

“In 2007 I had a lot of time to think; that’s pretty much what you get to do when you’re spending time on the bench.  It would have been very easy to hear myself echoing the comments of a lot of sports writers and saying my career was finished or that I’d lost my touch.  But that’s not what I chose to do.

Instead, I reached out to Dr. Dan Schaefer.  I first worked with Dr. Dan in 2005 after a shoulder injury.  At that point, we used hypnosis and some other techniques to control my self-talk, restore my confidence and help me get back in the game.  But 2007 was when I really took ownership.

In order to stay in the game – and be successful in it – you have to keep it simple.  This is the biggest challenge professional athletes face. With all the variables – media attention, family responsibilities, pressure from friends and business opportunities – it’s so easy for everything to crumble.  

This core concept of who you are – Dr. Dan calls it “You, Inc.” – is important to the longevity and success of your career as an athlete, but the concept goes beyond the football field.  It goes into family life, financial life, business life. In all these areas success comes back to that core concept. If you don’t remain true to it, you can get involved in things you have no business being in.  

The techniques that Dan and I have worked on over the past six years have truly helped me keep my craft at the center.  Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to provide for my wife and three boys. There’s no manual that tells you how to be a professional athlete – or how to convert your success on the field to success off the field.  This book helps to fill that gap.”

Chad Pennington
NFL Quarterback / Two Time Comeback Player of the Year / Founder, 1st and 10 Foundation

What if this isn’t the right fit for me? 

You will be surprised to find how QUICKLY you learn if this is for you. Simply send me an email and the subscription stops, no contract, cancel anytime. 

How do payments work? 

Simply auto-pay with MasterCard, Visa or AMEX. No contract, cancel anytime.

Why did I create this program?

Because I would ask people, “What do you need to have happen RIGHT NOW that is NOT happening?” Here is their wish list…

  • Establish and achieve goals
  • Build successful teams in business
  • Improve your golf game
  • Persuade and influence others
  • Put sales on steroids
  • Notice and control self talk
  • Identify & control distraction
  • Develop a strong vision for the future
  • Improve self esteem & self confidence

It is interesting to note these executives tell me they are often, “Alone at the top without anyone watching their back.”

Why this program and not others?

Because being in 2025 activates an invisible dynamic, unique to my CLICK! system, which will become clear as we work together from our very first call.

Once you start to look at this you are going to be surprised to notice the more you think about this, the more sense it’s going to make.

What does it cost you in time, money, emotion and reputation NOT to do this? It’s all about your short term discomfort vs. long term regret. People say to me they realized they did not want to be in 2025 looking backwards and wishing that they did.”

What is really at stake here? Only you can tell me and I look forward to that conversation. 

Call or text Dr. Dan Schaefer

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