When losing is NOT an option!

Imagine emerging from every challenge – whether it’s related to business, your performance on the field, your presence on the stage, or your academic pursuits – with the results you really want.

Find out how Dr. Dan Schaefer can help you achieve a competitive edge.Get the competitive edge quickly… in businesssports, entertainment and life.

1:36 – Do you really have 30 seconds?
1:48 – Features & Benefits
2:03 – How the Brain really works
3:29 – 2025 Working backwards
4:39 – Why and how it works
5:25 – Short term discomfort vs. long term regret
5:51 – What gets in the way?
6:05 – Distraction
7:04 – Self Talk
9:13 – Black Swans
10:42 – Worry
11:23 – Preparation for Competition
16:19 – Conversion & Poaching
17:43 – $$$$ in Mistakes
18:37 – Golf and the Mind game

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When you hit on a realization, master a solution, or perform at your best, something just seems to click. When things click, you know it’s right. It’s magic. But what’s the secret to making things click when you want them to?

This process is not therapy but rather specifically designed strategies.

Dan Schaefer’s toolbox of proven techniques has been used by professional athletes, entertainers, and top executives who need to make things click on demand. When the competitive edge really matters, Dan’s approach can really make things click for you:

  • Secrets of professional athletes: breakthrough competition tactics for sports and business professionals.
  • When losing is not an option: mind game strategies to accelerate personal and organizational change and get you on the fast track to winning.
  • Alone at the Top: advanced methods for communication and business development.

About Dan Schaefer PhD

Dan Schaefer and Peak Performance Strategies are simply about identifying–early–anything that may get in between you and top performance. 

Dr. Dan works with people in business, sports & entertainment who are often, “alone at the top.” Dan is a confidential sounding board for CEOs, entrepreneurs and groups throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, advising them on people, culture and the psychology of the workplace. 

He has developed breakthrough strategies in sports performance for professionals: NFL, NHL Goaltenders, Major League Soccer, boxing, ultra & extreme runners, golf, tennis, skiing and amateur athletes. Consultants, sports agents, GM’s and coaches also rely on Dr. Dan to get their teams performing at their best.

Dan is also an Author of, “CLICK! The Competitive Edge”. Many of his clients find the book compliments his work with them.

Consider what you need to have happen RIGHT NOW that is NOT happening.

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