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“Know the other, know yourself:
One Hundred challenges without danger;
Know not the other and yet know yourself:
One triumph for one defeat;
Know not the other and know not yourself:
Every challenge is certain peril.
Know Nature and know the Situation:
Triumph completely”
Sun Tzu

Gaining the Competitive Edge Quickly for Business, Sports & Entertainment

Congratulations on taking a significant step towards getting and keeping the competitive edge. This letter is our business arrangement, including services and your investment.  

Fast-Track Services

Our goal is to help you identify the direction you really want to move in and then get you moving in that direction with greater speed and clarity.  We will use assessments, unique goal-setting techniques and ongoing strategy sessions.  


This initial 3-hour meeting will help bring clarity to your current circumstances. It will help you pick up the pace so you can achieve your goals faster and with less effort.  I will take you through a series of exercises that will help you work backwards from 2025, an extremely powerful strategy. The 2025 strategy teaches the following: 

Instant stress reduction, Intense & Quick Focus, 4 Keys to a Competitive Edge, Identify and Control Distraction, Identify & Control Negative Self Talk, Find Out How to Prepare for Competition, Utilize Power Visualization and Recover Quickly.

Investment for Step 1 is a one-time fee of $1,200.
BONUS: Calls & emails between our conferences are included and encouraged during our strategy phase.


You will use a compelling online instrument that will help you to quickly identify both your strengths and the obstacles you face. This half-hour assessment helps you identify obstacles before youencounter them. I review the results and then we have an hour-long phone review. 

Investment for Step 2 is a one-time Hogan Risk Assessment & Review fee of $395.


After completing both the 2025 Survey and the Hogan Assessment, you may choose from a monthly package below.

“Ongoing Street-Smart Strategies” is scheduled as 1-hour appointment in person or by phone. Multiple sessions may be combined. 

This process helps you stay focused on the foundations we established in Steps 1 & 2. Discover how to anticipate events that may distract or derail you.

  • 1 one-hour session monthly: $400
  • 4 one-hour sessions monthly: $1,600  $1,400 (save $200) Most popular.
  • 8 one-hour sessions monthly: $3,200  $2,900 (save $300)
  • 8 one-hour sessions monthly + VIP Anytime Emergency calls: $6,500 $4,500 (save $2,000)

Fees are payable on a retainer basis by check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Credit cards may be charged at the beginning of each month.

Your initial payment constitutes agreement to the framework described in this letter.

Get started with a call or text to Dan Schaefer at 917-880-6758. Welcome again and I look forward to working with you!

Dan Schaefer PhD