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Professional athletes and successful corporate leaders around the world rely on the Confidential Sounding Board to help them stay focused on what is genuinely important to them. Now you can, too.

  • You are truly “Alone At The Top”
  • You are outnumbered and want the odds in your favor
  • “Conventional Wisdom” isn’t working any more
  • You want decades of international business psychology at your back
  • “Street Smart Strategies” are what you need
  • You want to know what your competition is doing and why it’s a secret
  • You want a perspective without the emotion
  • You want immediate support prior to an event both in business & sports


A Preparation for Competition. This is an “anti-winging-it” document.

The Confidential Sounding Board


Making the right decisions that will support your long-term interests has never been tougher. At times it’s nearly impossible to think clearly and strategically in the midst of the noise that surrounds us.So ask yourself:

  • Are you “Alone At The Top?” 
  • Are you outnumbered and want the odds in your favor? 
  • Are you finding that “Conventional Wisdom” isn’t working?

You might find it helpful to operate with decades of international business psychology at your back, and experience what clients have coined “Street Smart Strategies.” This is accomplished with a call to Dan at 917-880-6758 then after a few minutes you can know what your next steps might be.


Would you like to gain the edge in the classroom? During exam? Taking LSATS, CPA or BAR exams? You can learn the strategies sucessfully used by NFL players to learn their playbooks.

How does a student athlete’s Mind Game Strategy translate into better on-field performance?How can a student, visualizing himself as the CEO of his own company, dramatically change academic excellence, on-field performance, and off field behavior?


Mind Game Strategies provide athletes with the tools to detect a decline in performance early and reverse it. They enhance energy management, mental toughness, and focus. 

There’s a certain mindset that accompanies superior athletic performance, which enables the athlete to shut out everything else. Getting to that place, which we call the Peak Performance Zone, isn’t always easy. You can learn strategies that allow you to identify and produce the conditions to enter the zone whenever necessary.

Master the four mind game strategies from the world of sports:

  • Control negative self talk.
  • Identify and enter your peak performance zone.
  • Prepare for competition.
  • Recover rapidly.


Would you like to learn strategies used by professional athletes and top executives, that can be used to strengthen performance, auditioning, and promotion skills? Learn Street Smart Strategies that can give you a unique competitive edge in the entertainment industry.

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