Client Attraction Business Development

The goal of this program is to provide your company with a unique vehicle to attract and reach new and existing clients and to gain a competitive edge in the market place. Although the main focus is on the selected sport, the connections to business growth and development and the competitive edge are intriguing. Clients who have found it challenging to get the right people into a room discover that few ever say no to golf.

The following programs have as their foundation, strategies to quickly improve sports performance, in particular golf. Clients have used the following approaches to:

  • Attract corporate decision makers.
  • Say thank you to your best clients.
  • Invite your clients to entertain their clients at your event.
  • Produce a “Women Only” event.
  • Help rainmakers become better rainmakers.
  • Quickly ramp up new practice development.
  • Separate yourself from your competition.
  • Give your guests an inside track on professional Mind Game Strategies.
  • Bypass gate keepers.
  • Knock 3-6 strokes off your game.

Participants Learn

  1. Instant stress reduction
  2. Keys to a Competitive Edge
  3. Identifying & controlling distraction
  4. Elimination of negative self talk
  5. Identification of Peak Performance Zone
  6. Preparation for competition
  7. Power Visualization
  8. Rapid Recovery
  9. Short & Long Range Strategic Planning

Click the button below to download the TML Xerox Golf Seminar which attracted 200 CEO’s in two days.


The Click! Competitive Edge Golf Program is a 90 minute program followed by Q&A. The time and audience size is flexible. The venue varies from a boardroom to a ballroom. No golf equipment is necessary. This opens the event to both golfers and non golfers.

The success of this program is in your company’s preparation, method of invitation and the strategic selection of participants. Begin by arranging a strategy meeting with Dr. Dan to explore your group’s objectives and the best strategy for you.

Whether you seek to build your business by deepening relationships with your existing contacts, establishing new ones or some combination of the two, one thing doesn’t change: starting the business conversation is hard. 

Peak Performance Strategies has developed a set of programs that will open doors to you like never before. You’ll even get past those tough, skeptical gate keepers when you’re cold calling. 

Golf and the Mind Game.

For decades, business has been done on the golf course. There are many good reasons for this, including that change of environment has a powerful ability to get people to see things differently. To take advantage of the favorable conditions golf creates for deepening business relationships and more fully exploring opportunities, Peak Performance Strategies presents a range of innovative golf-based programs. These can be held on the golf course or indoors and are guaranteed to shave 3-5 strokes off attendees’ scores within weeks. 

Programs Include

  • Golf and the Mind Game
  • Mind Game Golf Analysis: The fastest route to a better game 

Depending on the program we can accommodate 5 – 25 people in each program session. While we typically present to mixed groups, our Women-Only events have become very popular. 

Smart and successful businesspeople have used our golf programs to: 

  • Thank key clients. 
  • Get the attention of cold-calling prospects (nobody turns down a golf-improvement program). 
  • Help clients promote their businesses and treat their clients. 
  • Network strategically with various groups (CEOs, CFOs, attorneys, CPAs, etc.). 

Consider what you need to have happen RIGHT NOW that is NOT happening.

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