888 Fast-Track

8 Keys to a Competitive Edge!

Update for 2020: This program is delivered by Zoom.

Slow isn’t working any more… time is a luxury… so is focus… so is winning… so is the EDGE.

There are a variety of keys that, when mastered, will help you control your Mind Game.

Mind game outcomes, ones that either achieve the results that we want and conversely work against us often operate out of our scope of consciousness. People describe the outcome favorable or unfavorable as “just happening” It just didn’t go well… I was off today… I wasn’t on my game. Sound Familiar?

Weeks 1 & 2: Mind Game Strategies

You will notice an increased ability to concentrate. Identify and control distractions and maintain focus. Visualize success in all aspects of life. This is the first step to achieving it!

WEEK 1: Control Your Negative Self-talk & Find Your Peak Performance Zone
WEEK 2: Prepare for Competition
& Develop Rapid Recovery

Weeks 3 & 4: Business Performance Strategies

The second half of the 888 program empowers you to act as if you are the CEO of “You Inc.” Make every decision a true, “business decision”. Perform a SWOT analysis identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Become a power communicator verbally and nonverbally. Gain a competitive edge by “strategic networking”.

WEEk 3: Employ Power Communication & Network Strategically
WEEK 4: Influence with Integrity
& Plan Strategically Short and Long Term

Dr. Dan’s note for business owners: empowering the individual to strategize and perform as their own “CEO” is a key strategy to having employees treat YOUR company like it was their own.


The 888 program is delivered via 8 hours over 4 weeks, live via Zoom with weekly Monday sessions with Dr. Dan.

Meet with Dan on Zoom for your free 15 minute meeting to chat about how the 888 Program will meet your needs.


This system has been used effectively by global executives, professional/student athletes and entertainers, to recognize and eliminate distractions, focus on commands and perform at their best.