The CEO Letter

Dear CEO,

What are the top 5 questions global CEO’s are asking as we approach 2027?

We consult with some of the world’s largest companies in the areas of:

– Leadership Development
– Management Strategies
– Performance enhancement across a variety of disciplines
– Sales and marketing improvements
– Change Management pre- and post- M&A

I ask you to consider the following questions knowing that the effectiveness of strategies are in direct proportion to the quality of the questions that precede them.

1. Where do you see your company in 2027?

2. Looking back from 2027 to today, can you identify the internal and external obstacles that could possibly stand in your way?

3. How many on your executive team see your vision the way you do?

4. Is it possible that you are in 2027 alone?

5. If your executive team does not share your vision, why not? Are their goals — personal or business — in conflict with yours?

6. Have you identified areas of improvement? Are you certain they are truly the only ones holding you back?

Do any of the following sound familiar:

1. Top sales personal promoted to management without sufficient support?

2. Critical retention rate and recruiting issues?

3. Engineers required to transition to sales & marketing?

4. Repair teams not recognizing sales opportunities?

5. A traditional management culture rather than the new coaching culture?

6. Disconnect between R&D and end user?

7. Cultural management and marketing obstacles unique to global locations?

8. Less than 100% customer focus?

9. Inadequate use of the power of strategic personal networking?

10. Too few rainmakers?

11. Loss of business due to first impression issues?

For more on how strategic companies are approaching these issues see the articles section at

In addition, I work with a limited number of clients helping them discover what’s not working and put the right strategies in place.

If you are facing challenges and feel that this kind of approach may help, I invite you to contact me directly to determine if there is a fit.

I welcome your 15 minute complimentary call on Zoom to talk about where you want to be.

Call or text Dr. Dan
(917) 880-6758

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